Discovering the Future

About us

We’re inspired by tomorrow. FAST is building an ecosystem of innovation to lead scientists, technologists, and innovators in Armenia and beyond to success on the global stage. With a focus on entrepreneurial endeavors, FAST empowers innovators to bring cutting-edge, commercially viable and globally competitive solutions to life. We partner with academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations alongside global players to explore and create what's next.

FAST amplifies and empowers scientific advancement and technological innovation in Armenia and beyond.
FAST Process
  • FAST concentrates the resources behind select breakthrough innovations, inventions, and multi-stakeholder projects.
  • FAST coordinates the activities of scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to amplify their work and impact at local and global levels.
  • FAST catalyzes the development of globally competitive science and technology verticals, driving advancement, and market-readiness.

FAST must become a platform for bringing about the technological breakthrough in Armenia in the areas of IT and computer science, artificial intelligence, high-tech materials, robotics, biotechnology, advanced engineering, and manufacturing technologies.

Ruben Vardanyan