Mr. Alfred Eisaian
Mr. Alfred Eisaian
Mr. Alfred Eisaian is AgTech Evangelist, CEO and Co-Founder of IntelinAir, Serial Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Servant Leader, as well as Angel Investor.

Topic & Abstract

Global Agriculture and Food Security: Peril or Promise

As the world’s population continues to increase rapidly, estimated to hit ~ 8.5 billion people in 2030 and possibly 9.5-10 billion in 2050, food security is becoming the central issue of humanity. Additionally, humanity’s diet is changing to more protein-based nutrition which some experts estimate will increase our food production needs by 70%. Add to that the effects of climate change and continued pressure on our planet and one can see the immense dangers humanity will have to face sooner rather than later.

IntelinAir, with its cutting-edge AgMRI Product, is singularly focused on transforming global agriculture through AI and precision agriculture solutions towards more sustainable practices. Our ability to simultaneously bring financial sustainability to farmers through cost-saving insights and reduction of chemicals usage to a more precise application practices drives environmental sustainability.

Additionally, consumers win in eating more nutritious food with less chemicals in their food source. So in essence, we simultaneously bring all the different key actors and make them willing participants in the solution: consumers, farmers, environmentalists, and companies. We know humans can act viciously if hungry for long periods of time. The alternative could be a lot uglier and lot sadder (think mass starvation, wars, genocide, refugees, chaos).