Dr. Ali Eslami
Dr. Ali Eslami
Google, DeepMind
Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Ali Eslami's research is focused on figuring out how we can get computers to learn with less supervision.

Prior, Dr. Eslami was a post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, did his PhD at the University of Edinburgh, and was a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford.

Topic & Abstract

Neural Scene Representation and Rendering

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to how we understand a visual scene: our brains draw on prior knowledge to reason, to imagine and to make inferences that go far beyond the patterns of light that hit our retinas. These visual and cognitive tasks are seemingly effortless to humans, but they represent a significant computational and data challenge to our artificial systems. In this talk Dr. Eslami will describe a few ways in which we have been developing deep learning and generative modeling techniques to imbue computers with the ability to 'imagine', potentially allowing them to fully understand scenes efficiently and without human supervision.