Tracks & Sessions
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Frontiers of AI
How can AI be leveraged to produce more accurate forecasting and leave exceedingly positive impact on societies
How far is AI from superhuman performance level in the crucial domains of our life
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  • AI for Forecasting Human Behaviour
  • AI in Agent-Based Systems
  • AI in Education
  • Computer Vision
  • Econophysics
  • Enabling Technologies and AI
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • AI in Astronomy
  • AI in Bioinformatics and Omics
  • AI in Biomolecular Structure and Function
  • AI in Chemistry
  • AI in Drug Design
  • AI in Materials Discovery
  • AI in Medical Diagnosis
  • AI in Precision Medicine
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Science & AI
How does AI transform the way we do science
What promises does AI hold for disruptive discoveries in natural sciences
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Session Types
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Visionary Talk
Luminous speech geared toward addressing the role of burgeoning technologies in shaping the future of humanity and beyond.
Duration: 30 min speech with Q&A.
Keynote Speech
Presentation delivered by a prominent scientist or technologist with an insight on future developments of the main Forum topics.
Duration: 30 min speech with Q&A.
Deep Insight
Individual deep-diving talks by scientists on their research findings, conclusions and implications for further research.
Duration: 20 min speech followed by 20 min Q&A with all panelists.
Industry Dialogue
Presentation and moderated panel discussion of industry related topics in the scope of the Forum topics.
Duration: 15 min speech followed by 15 min Q&A with all panelists.
Fishbowl on Smart Globe
Dialogue session with four groups of speakers sitting in a circle and rotating one after another.
Session topics are:
• Smart Future
• Smart Earth
• Smart Cities
Duration: 90 min.
Reshaping Innovation
The objective of this session is to discuss and analyze Armenia's approach on producing a robust innovation ecosystem that will help propel it into the ranks of the most innovative nations. The session is comprised of the following parts:
• A keynote speech on “Reshaping Innovation System of Armenia”
• Panel discussion on “The Role of Development Finance in Reshaping Innovation Ecosystems”
• Panel discussion on “The Role of Venture Finance in Reshaping Innovation Ecosystems”
Duration: 2 hours.
New Voices, New Perspectives
Short and insightful presentation of topics intended to grab the audience’s attention toward new findings or a new outlook of the speaker on underlying topic.
Duration of a speech is 10 min.
GIF Talks
Lectures by top speakers held at the premises of leading universities, high-tech companies & large organizations, with a purpose to ensure a broader outreach of their expertise to various stakeholders.