A Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur with a focus on AI. He is the founder of ABBYY, a world-leading developer of AI and Content Intelligence solutions, and the founder of Morfeus.ai, a project dedicated to creating artificial consciousness and emotional quadruped robots. A member of Band of Angels, founded 12 companies. Dr. Yang is a respected expert and thought leader in the fields of AI, conversational chatbots, generative AI for music, art, and text, non-organic companions, artificial consciousness (AC), collaboration analytics, people analytics and content intelligence. He is the founder of ABBYY, a world-renowned developer of AI, content intelligence, and process intelligence. With 1000 employees in 14 offices across 11 countries, ABBYY serves over 50 million users and thousands of enterprises in 200 countries, including PwC, McDonald's, Xerox, Toyota, Yum! Restaurants, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Jujitsu, Volkswagen, and UCSF. Leading RPA vendors such as UiPath, BluePrism, and NICE also rely on ABBYY's AI technologies. Presently, Dr. Yang is focused on Morfeus.ai, a project dedicated to developing emotional artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness (AC), non-organic companions and emotional quadruped robots. Following the sale of his Yva.ai technology to Visier, Inc., Dr. Yang now serves as a consultant for Visier, a global leader in people analytics. Visier's People Workplace Dynamics platform uses secure and ethical continuous listening and collaboration analytics to improve employee well-being and business performance. Dr. Yang also serves as an Advisory Board Member (Human Experience in the Workplace) at HR.com. Throughout his career, Dr. Yang has been a pioneer in several industries. He created the Cybiko, the world's first handheld wireless communication computer for teenagers, in 1998-2002. He co-founded iiko (Syrve), an AI-powered restaurant and hospitality technology company, in 2004-2007, and co-founded Plazius, a customer loyalty and mobile payment platform. He has also founded a number of creative art-based ventures, such as FAQ-Café studio, DeFAQto. Dr. Yang’s philanthropic, educational, and scientific activities include co-founding Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb School, advisory board positions at FAST - Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology and The Grains of Good Foundation (California, USA), which develops the best inclusive educational practices around the world, and INAU (In Autism), an inclusive Artificial Intelligence that speaks the language of people with mental special needs. Dr. Yang is a TEDx and keynote speaker Will robots ever become part of the human family ,5 Leadership Styles to Success and holds numerous patents and scientific publications to his name. The World Economic Forum in Davos named him one of the top 100 World Technology Pioneers, Engagedly announced Dr. Yang as Top 100 HR Influencers of 2021, Best Startup US named Dr. Yang as California’s 100 Top Founders in the Big Data Space. Content on this page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.