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Unprecedented platform to bring the top-notch expertise in the targeted STEM-related fields in Armenia
General Information
About the program

ADVANCE STEM Research grant program serves as an unprecedented platform aimed to bring top-notch expertise in the targeted STEM-related fields in Armenia. ADVANCE grant connects the distinguished international researchers with the local researchers for them to form a research group and work jointly on globally competitive research projects. FAST and its partners ensure comprehensive long-term institutional and financial support for the newly formed research groups under the supervision of top-notch scientists from abroad.

The 2 to 4-year grants are provided to new research groups formed in Armenia around the project proposed and led by an international Principal Investigator (PI).

The researchers from any institution in Armenia and beyond are encouraged to apply based on their interest and qualification for the announced research project. The program aims to create inter-institutional and interdisciplinary connections, thus the composition of the research groups may be very diverse. The details of ongoing projects can be found in the “Research Projects” section.

The research activities are conducted primarily in Armenia. The PIs both visit Armenia and supervise the group’s work remotely throughout the full duration of the research project. The PIs are also involved in intensive teaching activities in the local universities to help nurture the aspiring researchers in relevant fields of studies.

About the PIs

The international PIs are scientists who have solid expertise in a related field, extensive experience in leading groups of researchers, as well as ties with international institutions and labs to connect local researchers to the global scientific network. The PIs submit the project proposal, introduce their vision for the project development and, in a broader sense, the subfield’s development in Armenia. They also define the needs of a proposed project and requirements for the researchers, participate in the selection of the researchers and, throughout the project implementation, ensure the quality of the research output produced in the scope of the project.

Granting scheme

  • PI’s travel expenses and some remuneration during their visit to Armenia
  • Salaries for the local researchers
  • International travel costs for the local researchers’ participation in the conferences, or collaborative research activities abroad, or other capacity building events
  • Laboratory supporting materials, consumables
  • Publications in journals, patenting costs, wherever applicable

PIs engaged
local researchers funded
intensive courses organized
Dr. Garabed Antranikian
Principal Investigator (PI), Biotechnology Project
Dr. Hovik Panosyan
Expert, Biotechnology Project
Dr. Anna Poladyan
Senior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Dr. Sargis Aghayan
Senior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Dr. Karen Trchunyan
Senior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Dr. Ani Paloyan
Senior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Ms. Ella Minasyan
Junior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Ms. Diana Ghevondyan
Junior Researcher, Biotechnology Project
Dr. Arnak Dalalyan
Principal Investigator (PI), Machine Learning Project
Dr. Arshak Minasyan
Senior Researcher, Machine Learning Project
Mr. Tigran Galstyan
Junior Researcher, Machine Learning Project
Mr. Henrik Sergoyan
MSc. Student, Machine Learning Project
Mr. Khachatur Khechoyan
MSc. Student, Machine Learning Project
Research projects