Elvira Kinzina is a PhD student in the Computational and systems biology program at MIT. Her research aspirations lie in the field of systems biology of aging, stem cells, and synthetic biology. In her thesis work, she is aiming to bring those fields together in order to develop anti-aging and healthspan extending therapeutics. Prior to moving to Boston, Elvira studied at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where she learned general and applied physics during her bachelor’s studies and biophysics in the course of the master's program. She also received a master’s degree in biomedical sciences from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. Being a volunteer at the Science for Life Extension Foundation, Elvira has been promoting the anti-aging movement by giving lectures on aging and highlighting recent discoveries in the aging research in the media. Also, she was a leader of the volunteer team helping in the organization of the conference “Ending age-related diseases” by the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.