Meg Babakhanian is an inventor and entrepreneur in the life science industry with experience in medical devices in a wide range of disciplines. She worked with medical devices, both with start-up and large-scale companies. She led a therapeutic ultrasound neurostimulation device from ideation to prototyping and pre-clinical evaluation. She was involved in the development of the first innovative bionic eye/retinal implant (Second Sight Medical, CA), and design and development of spinal neurostimulation devices at Boston Scientific. Meg currently works at Stanford hospital as an R&D scientist engineer where she practices initial needs-finding, rapid development, clinical evaluation, and commercialization and translation of devices she develops to patient care. Meg participated in the Stanford Biodesign faculty fellowship program and currently, she is an analyst in residence at Health Tech Capital (HTC), a health tech angel group, screening companies and evaluating investment opportunities. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and a Master of Science and her PhD in Bioengineering from UCLA. Meg has been an involved community member. She has been part of Armenian professional organizations such as Armenian Engineers and Scientist of America (AESA) and youth organizations. She enjoys giving back to her community and stays in touch with her peers to learn and create new opportunities for future generations of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.