Dr. Zahra Keyshams, a postdoctoral researcher in Mathematics at Yerevan State University, is currently doing research in the “Very Weak Solutions for PDEs with Singularities” project, under the mentorship of Professor Doctor Michael Ruzhansky. Zahra completed her doctoral degree in Harmonic Analysis from the University of Isfahan in 2021, where she defended her dissertation titled “Frame, Wavelet, Gabor System, Theory, and Applications”. Before that, she attained a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, specializing in pure mathematics, from Shahid Chamran University, and a master’s degree in Analysis of Mathematics from Shahid Beheshti University, completed in 2010 and 2012, respectively. Dr. Keyshams has spent a significant amount of time studying and lecturing mathematics at various universities and academic institutions in Iran. Her research publications have covered a wide range of topics, including Hilbert Spaces, Schur-Horn Problems, Ordinary and Generalized Frames, Tensor Product Frames, Optimal Dual Frames when erasures occur, and Phase retrieval. Driven by her passion for knowledge and her commitment to professional development, Dr. Keyshams is currently exploring the current novel topic, Analysis of PDEs.