Armen Askijian is the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Engineering at Airbus U.S., responsible for leading engineering development, manufacturing, launch, and R&D activities. Prior to his role at Airbus, Armen led satellite programs and design teams at Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Airbus OneWeb Satellites, Google, and OneWeb.

As one of the original members of OneWeb, Armen was a primary designer of the OneWeb Generation 1 constellation, satellite, and the underlying modular satellite platform (Arrow150). He led a joint French and American team for the conceptual design, detail design and analysis, qualification and initial production while located at Airbus OneWeb Satellites in Toulouse, France.

Armen also led the OneWeb Gen 2 satellite constellation development as Senior Director of Advanced Satellite Programs. Now at Airbus, Armen is the technical authority forAirbus’Arrow450 satellite platform, developed to serve U.S. national security and commercial customers.

Prior to Airbus and OneWeb, Armen developed remote sensing satellite systems at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Sunnyvale, CA. He led engineering & manufacturing teams through design, hardware fabrication and integration of multiple complex products for U.S. national space assets.

Armen is active as a mentor and advisor in the aerospace community, including sitting on the University of California, Berkeley Aerospace Engineering Founding Board. He led the development and opening of Airbus U.S. Space and Defense’s newestoffice location in Denver, Colorado, which focuses on engineering and space programs.

Armen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University.